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Professional and highly trained instructors will welcome you, have you feeling at ease, twirling and hair flipping around in no time. We understand its not an easy sport and work hard to create a stimulating environment you want to keep coming back.

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Ever think FUN was a word you would use to describe your fitness routine. Ever wondered how many calories you can burn laughing? We got you covered. We know that keeping things light, creative and fun helps you push through those hard challenges that only pole can provide.

We are

We love keeping the focus on what you are achieving rather then what you look like, what shape you are or what you are wearing. We know you are incredible even if you just need a little help to see it in yourself. Giving you a safe environment to grow your mentality and physical confidence is paramount to us

We offer

An hour is all you need to begin your journey. we will push your limits, challenge your strength and help you accelerate your fitness goals in a full all round body routine that will leave you a happy shaking hot mess of awesome. Always there to spot you, encourage you and sometimes pulling funny faces in your pics


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