Lorna: Instructor and owner

Lorna started pole dancing 9 years ago as a way to lose her baby weight and quickly became addicted, She began teaching 5 years ago now and with so much experience and qualifications behind her, she is adept at working your mind, body and soul to bring out the very best in you. Lorna has worked with some of the best people within the pole industry, she has a mountain of knowledge behind her, is known well for her pole flow, strength and conditioning and her quirky routines. She loves throwing in challenges to push you out of your comfort zone and helps you reach your full potential and achieving the impossible. Lorna specialises in building confidence and strength both physically and mentally and brings many aspects of pole and coaching techniques to her teaching style. Lorna entered her first competition in 2013 and more recently earned the Pole Theatre Classique title 2016. She decided to focus on her teaching rather than competitions. Lorna loves pushing and creating the magic for her students working on their own routines as this is where her creativity and passion thrives.

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