Have you found yourself bored with regular fitness routines and want something that challenges your self-awareness, your strength and elegance while being mentally and physically stimulated? Then this is the class for you: You will explore various pole styles as you work through liquid transitions, fluid motion and beautiful flow related to pole dancing. This class gives you the knowledge, skills and the freedom to develop your pole skills while learning something completely new. You do not need to have any experience in either pole or dancing as all the techniques are broken down into manageable chunks.
Your body will be pushed to its limits and your mind will be working so hard it just can’t think of the outside obstacles.

This class is based around flow and movement and because of this having skin grip isn’t always essential and we can often be found in leggings or joggers and learning how to move around the floor. Great if your still building up the confidence to take those clothes off.

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Why us

We are PROFESSIONAL Professional and highly trained instructors will welcome you, have you feeling at ease, twirling and hair flipping around in no time. We understand its not an easy

mixed ability

Mixed ability Our mixed ability class is designed to help you find your inner goddess; pole style. Come along and get lost in the moves and atmosphere, after a week