Elementor #1200

Mixed Ability

Our mixed ability class is designed to help you find your inner goddess; pole style. Come along and get lost in the moves and atmosphere, after a week of getting buried in the daily struggles of reality. You will learn everything from the basics upwards. Each week will provide a total body workout that will have you twisting and twirling your way to a fitter and healthier you. This class is great for an all-round pole dancing experience, you will gain strength and flexibility as well as learn some amazing new tricks. This is a great opportunity to come along and make new friends, challenge yourself and have some fun while doing it. We have worked with students of all ages and backgrounds, shapes and sizes and are proud to see all the hard work and confidence that comes from this class each and every week. It is our most popular class, full of variety and giggles. Each move is tailored to your level so there really is something to be gained for everyone.
Whether you are just starting out or already a novice.

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